The Coalition for Responsible Taxation is a division of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and has been successfully engaged in collaborative discussions with the Government on the important issues affecting the progress of our nation including fiscal, tax and energy reform.


A native Bahamian, Robert Myers returned to the Bahamas in 1982 after having completed his education in England and the United States and obtaining an A.S. degree in Landscape Design. He went straight to work in Nassau as a project supervisor in the family business, Caribbean Landscape & Pools Ltd. The company flourished and Robert was promoted to president in 1991. He was able to streamline the business during the recession of the 1990s and maintain its success by turning his focus to projects on the rapidly appreciating western side of the island, where the company remains headquartered today.

Under Robert’s direction, Caribbean Landscape Ltd., as the company is now known, became the island leader in landscape design/build, maintenance and contracting with a long list of clients in the Bahamas and beyond that includes the Ocean Club (Atlantis) golf course, Sheraton Grand Paradise Island, Fowl Cay Exuma Resort and the exclusive Nassau clients of Albany Development, Lyford Cay and Old Fort Bay.

Robert’s successful landscaping and hardscaping projects lead him to create a building and construction business, Caribbean Construction & Management Services, Ltd., which he formed in 2001 with an eye on bringing a continental level of sophistication and quality to the island’s building ethos.

Robert’s dedication to improving the Bahamian building standards was recognized in 2003 by the Bahamian Contractor’s Association, which elected him chairman. In this role, Robert was able to implement an aggressive campaign of raising standards, education and creating accountability in the local building industry. Robert currently sits on the board of directors of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce, further tying him to the wider community. His latest venture with Capstone Construction is the continuation of a vertical integration of career achievements and high building standards focused on the design and development of high-end home construction in the Bahamas.