This very timely Seminar was held March 10, 2012 at Success Training College, Bernard Road. The subject of Wills and Probates, Estate and Administration Planning and legislation governing wills were presented by Senior Associate, Mrs. Andrea Williams of Halsbury Chamber.  Mrs. Williams has a legal career that spans 43 years, and is highly sought after for her legal expertise in Probates and Administration of Estates, Willis and Trusts, Land Laws, Conveyancing and Mortgages and Intellectual Properties.

The Seminar lasted for well over four hours while eager participants asked intelligent questions about the status of their particular matters.  Meanwhile, our host Mr. Carlton Neymour, Executive Director for Success Training College, provided the group with much needed refreshments along with making sure the facilities were cool and comfortable. He is to be commended!

This Seniors Seminar Series was a success as participants were asking for an encore presentation.

Good Job South Easterners …