HIGH RISK HUMAN PATHALOMA VIRUS (HR HPV) Thru the significant donations of many organizations and spearheaded by Dr. Olga Stokes, Pathologist at PMH and PP RCSEN Frank McGwier, the HR HPV lab was officially opened today March 26, 2012 at the Princess Margaret Hospital by Dr. Hubert Minnis, Minister of Health.  The Rotary Club of South-East Nassau, Inner Wheel of East Nassau, the Rotary Club of Ft. Lauderdale South, and the Rotary International, along with other many other private donars, provided over $70,000.00 worth of HPV equipment and testing reagents to detect the harbingers of cervical cancer. The equipment provided, when equipped with other reagents can also detect other sexually transmitted diseases.  The project also included the training of medical personnel and persons for the maintanence and operation of the equipment.  Supplies for 1000 tests were also paid for.  Cervical Cancer is the number two cancer affecting women in The Bahamas.  The HPV is the main cause of cervical cancer.  The HP virus is highly prevalent in The Bahamas and strikes young women between the ages of 13 and 29 years.  Before this machine was donated, test had to be sent to Florida at a cost of approximately $200.00.  Many women in The Bahamas simply could not afford this.  Approximately 1,500 women require the HR HPV test yearly resulting from abnormal pap smears.  THis machine will have a huge impact in the lives of young Bahamian women by providing the machine to test HR HPV at an affordable rate. The HPV testing lab was officially opened today at the PMH by Minister of Health Dr. Hubert Minnis, and members of patner organizations including the Rotary Clubs, Inner Wheel, Mr Sands of Majestic Tours, and hospital administrative official and staff.   Rotary International provided a GRANT of $25,000 toward the project.