Fellow Rotarians,

Our community service effort will continue on Saturday from 10 am - 2 pm as we host a blood drive at Southwest Plaza.  Nurses will be on hand to check the vitals of persons in the area and we shall be handing out flyers on various aspects of healthy living.  The Rotary Blood Mobile will be there.  In addition, the plaza has agreed to donate gifts for those persons donating blood on that day.  Guinness and Vitamalt will also be available!!

We would like to encourage you to come down to Southwest Plaza, if only for an hour on Saturday, to assist with handing out flyers and donating blood.  Some, like me, are afraid of needles so we may need your assistance to hold them down as we extract the blood.  But seriously, we would really, really appreciate your support on this.  One of our Rotaract Club's secured 17 pints a few weeks ago and we would like to think that we can surpass that.

Please circulate the attached flyer to your vast networks and ask them to circulate it.  Post it on your notice board and hand it to passersby on the street.  

When you donate blood you save a life, maybe your own - you never know!  We look forward to your support!