Through this page we aim to begin to change the lifestyle habits which are leading to health problems among Bahamians. Join us in this fight.

The Bahamas is in the midst of a health crisis due to our diet and lifestyle. Unhealthy foods and a lack of physical activity is literally killing us. The Rotary Club of Southeast Nassau has embarked on a multi media campaign to begin to change this. We hope to sensitize our fellow countrymen to the consequences of their food choices and lack of exercise, and thereby begin to reverse the current trend.

Health statistics indicate high incidences of chronic non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, chronic respiratory disease, heart disease and cancer. For example, 45% of deaths in 2003 were due to chronic non-communicable diseases.
Preliminary data from the National Chronic Non-communicable Disease Survey, March 2006 (1,424 persons surveyed in 637 households in New Providence, Grand Bahama and Long Island)
• 21% had been diagnosed with high blood pressure
• 26% of those measured had elevated blood pressure
• 7% had been diagnosed with diabetes
• 12% had impaired and elevated fasting glucose on measurement (often used as an indicator for diabetes)
• 70% were overweight
• 8.8% were current smokers
• 64.5% described themselves as sedentary in leisure time
• 47% did not eat at least 1 fruit everyday
• 51% did not eat vegetables everyday
• 33% had “fast food” 2 or more times per week