Dr. Higgs is a certified nutritionist and owner of the Healthy Lifestyles Food and Nutrition Store.
Dr. Alvira Higg’s familiarity with Home Remedies started as a child growing up with her Grandmother.  In her early twenties, she was diagnosed with an acute skin/blood disorder and spent five and a half years going from doctor to doctor with no relief.  She was referred to a Naturopathic Doctor who advised her to change her lifestyle.  Impressed by the simple methods of health and healing and the tremendous results she experienced in two and a half months, she not only changed her lifestyle but her career as well.
After such a life changing experience she began intent search into the natural realm and found the highest calling on her life, a call for service as a Medical Missionary.  She left managing an Offshore Bank & Trust Company for the humble position as a Medical Missionary. 
Uchee Pines Institute the choice of training was a little Heaven on earth, with Miracles happening right before her very eyes every three weeks.  Equipped with her Lifestyle Educator and Lifestyle Counselor training credentials she returned to Nassau.  Then obtain her Community Health Education from Pacific Heath Center, in Bakersfield, California, and her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from Southern Graduate Institute School of Alternative Medicine in Kentucky.
Dr. Higgs shares her working hours between Healthy Lifestyle Centre & Deli and Better Living Health Centre & Deli in Nassau, Bahamas.
Dr. Higgs is married to Dr. Leon Higgs, Secretary General Bahamas Commission for UNESCO.