On January 23, 2012, the RCSEN presented the All Saints Camp, a facility that provides housing and healthcare to persons who are suffering from HIV/AIDS, with a brand new $3,000 Royal commercial stove.  This commercial stove was desperately needed by the camp after their existing stove became unfeasible to operate.  Mr. Tom Duff, Community Service Chair for the RCSEN, spareheaded this very important donation. 

Tom recalls how after planning a comunity service project to provide breakfast for the 60 residents at the camp last year, he asked the Administrator of the camp, Ms. Ingraham, what was really needed at the facility.  She immediately indicated that they really needed a stove as the existing one was in really bad shape.  Tom went into action and began calling around for prices.  After several months, funds from the RCSEN and a donation from the Insurance Company of The Bahamas, the All Saints Camp FINALLY has a brand new 6 burner commercial stove with oven. 



Each day, the chefs will use the stove to prepare meals for the 17 children and 41 adults at the All Saint's Camp, a charitable and non-profit organization which is a facility for persons living with HIV/AIDS and their immediate family (who may not be affected by the virus).  

President of the RCSEN, Reginald Saunders, was on hand to officially present the stove to Ms. Ingraham, who was extremely grateful and thankful for the much needed donation.  Also on hand was RCSEN Community Service Chair, Tom Duff, The All Saints Camp Administrator, and the two chefs at the camp.   Rotary Bahamas PR Chair and RCSEN Member, Azaleta Ishmael-Newry was also on hand along with news crews from JCN News and Cable 12 News. 

From left to right are:
Reginald Saunders, President,RCSEN, Ms. Ingraham, Administrator, All Saint's Camp, Tom Duff, Chair, Community Service,RCSEN, Mr. Henfield, Executive Chef and Ms. Glinton, Chef, All Saint's Camp

Photo by Azaleta Ishmael-Newry